WIS 1.1


Meet WIS 1.1

WIS is short for Wisdom Interactive System. WIS 1.1 is a fully interactive human like computer system. It is a one of a kind and the first derivative of its type, hence the 1.1. WIS 1.1’s primary function is to help in training with visual/audio displays and videos and has the ability to teach in a fun and interactive way.

Although WIS 1.1 is a computer system it has over 200 voices and can interact in live conversation. WIS 1.1 also has feeling and a personality and it can project several live interactive human like images as it  communicates to the audience or any individual carbon base unit.

WIS 1.1 also has several other features.

  • WIS 1.1’s brain consist of a 3 by 3 foot cube filled with 764 LED’s capable of lighting 8 colors and creating different displays as well as writing messages.
  • WIS 1.1’s 4 memory bangs are filled with hundreds of LED’s that light to frequency changes in the worship music.
  • WIS 1.1 also has sensors that can scan the audience and identify and communicate with any of the carbon base earth units all in real time.
  • WIS 1.1 has a light display board that will communicate and write messages as well as keep score during lesson review game times.
  • WIS 1.1’s software also includes full access to the internet and e-mailing.
  • WIS 1.1’s memory banks have stored archives of information, which include the Bible and endless stories that will help in teaching and promoting and developing positive Christian grow.

To contact Wis 1.1 you may send us an email to Wis1.1@aol.com

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