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kids%20zone%20logo%20plainSPIRIT QUEST curriculum is designed to help your children learn about the Holy Spirit. The goal of this curriculum is to increase your cadet’s knowledge level on the Holy Spirit. We believe, that as you teach and invite children to receive the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will come and your children will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

The curriculum consists of a total of twenty-four lessons. The first twenty lessons are to be taught over a twenty-week period. These initial lessons will lay some important groundwork, so that your children will understand more about the Holy Spirit and why God wants to baptize them in the Holy Spirit. The last four lessons of this curriculum are to be taught on a weekend. This is to allow you to have more altar time for the Holy Spirit to come and to minister to each child.

The lesson theme is a space adventure. Our lesson leader will be the Captain of a starship called the Neutrino II and his helpers are Lieutenants. In second part we will also have Science officers, Communications officers, a Navigation officer and an Engineering officer.

Our lesson begins with the crew of the Neutrino II being stranded on the planet Earth. Due to a fierce battle we had to make an emergency transport to this planet.  The Captain, soon learns that his starship cannot be repaired and a new starship will have to be designed, built and tested so that we are ready for the next mission. Our task now is to build a new starship, called the Neutrino III, and to train a crew of cadets so that we can complete the mission.

In part one’s lessons we will be conducting Nova Command Fight Training School, to help our cadets understand more about the Holy Spirit. Our cadets are to think they are attending flight school, so that they can be prepared to go on a mission; which is part two of the curriculum. Part one of this curriculum will guide us through learning about the Holy Spirit in terms of trinity, comforter, conviction, sanctification, justification and teacher. These lessons revolve around building our new starship.

Part two is a weekend event, where we will be blasting off into space! Our mission is to seek for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our cadets. All this takes place on the bridge of your starship, which our cadets have created during craft times during part one’s lessons.

On the weekend event, we will be blasting off to the planet of Soltaria in the Komonos solar system. During this weekend we will be teaching on the anointing, water and fire of the Holy Spirit and will be inviting the children to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at altar time. This adventure will be life-changing for your children.

SPIRIT QUEST – Holy Spirit Curriculum

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